Import CD into Computer using iTunes

Play Computer Music Files on Hi-fi using iTunes

This is a preliminary to my other blog (yet to be written and published) “Playing your CD via iTunes and your hifi equipment.
These notes are based upon my limited experience using Windows 7 on a laptop.

Step 1. It may be necessary to download and install itunes free from
iTunes is an application with which you can organize your music, play it and purchase more or listen to hundreds of radio stations.

Before starting step 2, ensure that you are connected to the internet.

Step 2. Near the top left of the screen under Library, click Music. This will show a list of all the tracks already stored.
Insert your music CD into the CD drive.

You may be presented with a number of different options:-

A dialogue box giving choices such as
. . Play using Windows Media Player.
. . Play using iTunes.
. . Import into iTunes. [Click this one]

When iTunes starts it may invite you to make iTunes your default player. Up to now I’ve always ignored this option.

If you have inserted a standard commercial CD (rather than a privately produced one), then the system will access an online database maintained by “Gracenote” in order to download all the details about the title of the piece, the composer and the artists.

iTunes should now display a list of all the tracks on the CD and ask if it should import the CD. It may also show a “Don’t ask me again” option. Or it may just stop with a button “Import CD” at the bottom right. If so, then click it.

After agreeing to import, the tracks are read in at about ten times the normal playing speed.
During the importing, notice the turning arrows to the left of the screen just under “DEVICES”. At the end, these arrow become an upward arrow. Click this and the CD will be ejected. Job done: Finito

I wish you success.

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