Welcome to my Website/Blog
It is focused on showing some of my paintings.
My blogs will probably be intended to pass on tips and wrinkles (that’s an expression I haven’t come across for many years. Is it obsolete now?) about some lighthearted subjects such as
. Musings on life
. Music
. Well being and personal development
. Gardening
. Genealogy
. Computing
Click on “Blogs Page” to view my blogs.

This site does provide RSS feeds. For more info., please see my blog about RSS feeds on the Blogs Page
This is a developing website.
I call this version 1.8 (2018 Aug), although it has passed through many more stages than that name might suggest.

Links to other websites that you may find of interest.
See Victoria Fearn gallery on Facebook

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well done Colin. You have become quite an expert and this web site is just what you will want to cover your blogs and paintings. Now I am no expert but the only useful comment I would make is that I think you could delete the painting which comes up everytime one goes onto one of your heading links. Having seen it on the home page there is no need for it as it uses up too much space on the start of each new page. Have a think about that suggestion and let me have your comment. If you do decide to keep the painting st the top why not choose a different painting for each page. In that way users will get a quick idea of the range you do. Kind regards, Duncan

  2. Most impressive Colin. When you were picking my brains the other day as if you were an innocent abroad, I had no idea that you know far far more than me about the Twittersphere, the blogosphere, the Facebooksphere (I made that up) and of course numerous other spheres eg courgettes. Personally I’m particularly looking forward to the Musings on LIfe.
    See you soon – Eleanor

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