Introduction and navigation tips

These Gallery pages contain a selection of the framed paintings that I’ve produced over the last 10 years or so. In this initial promotional offering there are far too many – just take care to avoid visual indigestion. I shall probably remove many of them later.
They include multiple versions of the same scene, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Some are poor, being out of focus and troubled by camera shake because they were photographed on dark winter days.
All my paintings are sequentially numbered, so you can get some idea of my development as an artist. Like most of my artist friends, I am trying to develop a looser style of painting, but I find this difficult – the pictures always seem to end up too tight and detailed – probably influenced by the engineering drawings I did early in my career.

The size quoted is the nominal frame size.
For example 16″x20″ implies that the painting is in a frame where the glass is cut to 16″x20″. The overall size depends upon the width of the moulding and would be about 19″x23″. The aperture in the mount is about 9.5″x13.5″

With a 12″x16″ painting, the overall size is about 15″x19″ and the aperture is 7″x11″.

Most of the paintings are 16″x20″.

1. Click on one of the submenus e.g. West Wales.
2. Click on a ‘thumbnail’ to enlarge it and enter ‘carousel’ mode.
3. Change pictures either by clicking the arrows at the side of the screen, or pressing a
left or right arrow key
4. Leave carousel view by pressing ESC key or by clicking away from the screen arrows.


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