Setting up RSS Feeds in Firefox

This is a simplified set of instructions for setting up RSS feeds in Firefox. I use Firefox largely because I like the way bookmarks are organised. CTRL+B quickly toggles them on or off. In addition, I’ve become used to and familiar with it.

 If you do not have Firefox, then get it as a free download from

When Firefox has been installed, return to and navigate via Firefox and ADDONS. Then search for SAGE. Then click on “Add to Firefox”

Once it is installed you should see the icon (a green sage leaf) near the top left of the screen.

 The list of RSS feeds currently installed can be toggled on or off with ALT+Z

The system seems to install three feeds automatically. These are
BBC News – Home
Sports News Headlines – Yahoo! News

If you click on any of these the list of latest feeds from these sites will be displayed

Now comes the tricky part: installing a new feed, ie linking to a new site.

  1. Visit a website which provides feeds e.g.

  2. On the extreme left of your screen, near the top is magnifying glass icon with the tool tip “Discover Feeds”. Click this and you will get a little window labelled “Discover Feeds”. There will be either the message ”No Feeds Were Discovered” or a list of one or more feeds. Select one you want and click the “ADD FEED” button. Repeat if there are other ones you want and then click “Close”

  3. That’s it. Job done.

  4. To remove a feed from the list, right click it and then click “delete”.

I assume a similar system is available using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any of the other browsers.

Sage is a Feed Reader, integrated within Firefox. There are other feed readers available which operate independently of a browser.

I wish you success.

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